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Hi everyone,

The team at Vossen is extremely excited to start this build thread! In the past Vossen has completed multiple mild builds which have always gotten rave reviews for being clean, simple yet well executed. One example was our C63 Black Series. In some cases we have added power to our builds like the CLS 63 or our current W222 S550 We are always happy to work with RENNtech who has been an amazing partner for us. They have always provided an amazing, reliable product while also meeting our customer service expectations. After much internal discussion the decision was made to build something unique yet still aligning with our Vossen core principles. We also wanted to challenge ourselves and our partners on this next project car as it would be our first full build with a focus on adding performance.

Enter our 2014 E63 S "Banging Wagon":)....special ordered with a full Stage III RENNtech build to be completed.

This thread will have regular pictures, videos and updates on this out of the ordinary build and maybe some of you can guess what the final HP figure will be.:nix::eek::naughty:

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