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The Infiniti "G" Takeover! We had to do another group video after the feedback from the Accord video which is at 300,000 hits on our Youtube page. We had talked about doing something like this since early February but the catalyst was the awesome group we hung out with at our Infiniti G meet and the debut our our new CV4, CV5 and CV7 wheels. These are some of the hottest and cleanest G coupes around. The timing was perfect! You can video the incredible new video below!

Vossen Presents: The Infiniti G Takeover - YouTube

6, count em, 6 Infiniti G coupes on our Vossen CV lineup are representing in our latest video. You will notice the classic CV2 and CV3 and our latest editions to the CV lineup, the incredible CV4, CV5 and CV7. You can see the new wheel lineup by clicking here.

Follow the storyline as the G's meet up, roll to a car show and end up at their final destination. Check out the new CV4, 5 and 7 featured in this video as they take concave to the next level! Big thank you to VossenG37S and all the Miami Vossen Infiniti G owners for making this happen!

Summertime is here!!!

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