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The Forged Wheel series by Vorsteiner consists of many popular one-piece and three-piece wheels, from refreshingly 5-spoke designs to ornate and complex motorsport-influenced multi-spoke models. The Vorsteiner line of premium forged wheels for luxury and sports cars are produced for a wide range of automotive brands, while their engineering methods and manufacturing processes utilize the very latest in technology and equipment.

In this spirit, we present a comprehensive gallery of each line of the Vorsteiner Forged Wheel Collection. Each is available in several different fitments and finishes. Please enjoy, and we will continue updating this thread with more amazing photos!

The Complete Vorsteiner Forged Wheel Collection

Sport 3-piece Forged Series
The Sport multi-piece series consists of some our most popular designs available with a straight reverse lip with our standard forging profiles for high performance street use.

Technica 3-piece Forged Series
The Technica multi-piece Forged Series is the highest acclaimed multi-piece designs available in both step & straight reverse lip. This series requires hours of additional machine time to strategically minimize weight while emphasizing and illustrating fine details.

Sport Challenge Forged Series
The Sport Challenge Forged Series is equipped with the most popular designs in today’s wheel industry but bears the meticulous original Vorsteiner certification and attention to detail.

Sport Race Series
The Sport Race Series strategically shaves material to alleviate rotational mass & intricate spoke design characteristics this series exploits ‘strength in simplicity’ and is the model choice for those seeking both performance and a sleek modern design language.

Special Edition Forged Series
The Special Edition Forged Series was developed for those with a passion for design not seen in any other forged wheels today. Our special edition series requires additional machine time to exhibit a mixture of complex edges and radiuses.

Sample Of Available Finishes
  • Black (Gloss/Textured/Matte)
  • Gunmetal (Gloss/Textured/Matte)
  • Silver (Gloss)
  • Argento (Matte)
  • Bronze (Gloss/Matte)
  • Brushed (Gloss/Matte)
  • Brushed Shadow (Gloss/Matte)

Product Highlights:

VSE-003 wheels on the Aventador-V

VSE-001 wheels on the Renazzo

Please send us an email or phone call if you have any questions about our products.​
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