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Vorsteiner BMW 1M Program

Vorsteiner was conceived through the imagination of creating the highest quality parts for the most discerning vehicles and clientele. Their relentless pursuit of advancement and perfection is seen not only in our unmatched automotive parts, but also in the hands of carbon fiber craftsmen to create truly sensational parts for the most deserving and elite vehicles.

Vorsteiner’s philosophy on automotive design is to create something that is beautiful yet simple that accentuates and enhances the existing body lines of the car, rather than adding or taking away from it. In this spirit, we present a complete gallery of the thrilling BMW 1M by Vorsteiner. Please enjoy, and we will continue updating this thread with more amazing photos!

The Vorsteiner BMW 1M Program:
  • GTS-V Front Spoiler
  • GTS-V Boot Lid

GTS-V Front Spoiler
The Vorsteiner GTS-V components consist of a newly designed front add-on spoiler with integrated brake cooling ducts as well as newly formed rear boot lid, made of our latest carbon fiber pre-preg autoclave.
  • 1x1 Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg w. 4 Stage UV Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating

GTS-V Boot Lid
Vorsteiner's autoclaved pre-preg carbon fiber structure gives their parts superior stiffness, aerospace strength & durability compared to traditional hand laid carbon fiber composites.
  • Single Sided 1x1 Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg w. 4 Stage UV Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating

Please send us an email or phone call if you have any questions about our products.​
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