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Special Features:
*Wireless valve control system in 3 modes
*In auto mode, we offer better launch-start at low rpm with losing back pressure and performance increase at mid-high range rpm
*Increasing horsepower with no check engine light
*Highest quality welds
*Sharper, Crisper, sound across the rev range
*More driving pleasure!

Armytrix official website:

Armytirx facebook page:

Armytrix Youtube channel:

Armytrix Twitter:

Armytrix Instagram: @Armytrix_F1_exhaust

Armytrix Valvetronic system control the valves fully open for maximum flow and power, creating an astonishing sound emission in ON mode. When the valves are closed, volume is reduced for a low profile and comfortable drive.

In AUTO mode, valves will automatically close and open by engine rpm and how deep they press the gas pedal. At low rpm valves close for better launch-start without losing backpressure, when drive at high speeds, the valves will automatically open to increase air flow for better performance. It’s a new innovation system to bring your car to a whole new level.

Golf R20 powerful launch-start with brutal Armytrix sound!

Armytrix performance exhaust for VW Golf R20

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