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So a customer came down to Vivid Racing with his beautiful Maybach and a picture in hand of the 2010 Maybach Zeppelin. His words were simply, “I want to copy these tips and have it on the road before Maybach does.” I looked at the guy and said, no problem! The Vivid Racing fabrication team went into affect scaling the drawing from the internet. We wanted this tip to look very OEM. Using 304 stainless steel, we fabbed up to identical tips. The tips feature a splitter in the middle and work with the stock mufflers. Individual turn-downs were welded in place so the exhaust gas actually goes out of the middle of the tip. Each tip is polished and features a black inside with a mesh. The tips are then welded to the stock mufflers for a clean OEM look. They request it, we build it! From Subaru’s to Maybach’s… Vivid Racing.
Check out full size images here – Dan's Maybach Exhaust Project - Vivid Racing Gallery

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