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It is a VERY VERY GREAT Morning at JP Logistics,
- We have booked 33+ cars and still counting all since 8am THIS Morning.
- We got the award from Inc. Magazine and we are in the Inc. 5000 Issue for being Top 5000 Businesses in America with the most growth.
Link --> JP Logistics - The Inc.5000 - #3896
- Also we have this Lovely Lovely Aston Martin Virage Convertible for Aston Martin Beverly Hills, in front of their exclusively wrapped Trailer. FRESH FROM THE PORT. :clap:
- And a couple more goodies!

This award was given to us by the help of all our fans, customers, and friends. We would not be here today if it wasn't for the support of each and everyone one of you... INCLUDING our Haters.

Thank You too ALL OF YOU.

We will shut up now, enjoy the pics!


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Congrats on the award! I've heard nothing but great things about JP, best of luck going forward!

Oh and the Virage isn't bad either.
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