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We were really excited to see this 1:33 edition Viper come to us to prepare for the Global Tuner Grand Prix at Laguna Seca.

We looked the car over and came up with a balanced package that would put this car in the ACRX league and still keep it in the street car class. Our first goal was to improve the power. We started with a custom exhaust with catalyst, ported intake manifold, Mopar controller, air oil seperator and finished it off with a Carbon airbox inlet. Results were 591rwhp.

With good power numbers we wanted to focus on the driveline, suspension and brakes. First we added our billet steering rack bushings to improve turn in and road feel. Next we added a Woodhouse transmission mount to reduce driveline flex and replaced the rear end with a "superlock" unit for ultimate traction. The shock dampening was changed and the car lowered to "rough track' specs.

We wanted the car to stop well with improved linearity and repeatability, so we upgraded to 15 inch front brakes with 6 piston calipers, braided steel lines, Motul 600 fluid and a pad combination that was matched front to rear.

We knew we needed some serious grip and had to use DOT tires, we chose a custom set of CCW race wheels, 12 inch wide front and 13 inch wide rear, 18 inch. The smaller wheel in the rear would improve the gearing. Hoosier R6 tires were the DOT choice with 315's in the front and 345's in the rear!!!

Next we wanted to improve the safety and provide some data-logging for the driver. We added a Exoticraft weld in rollbar, custom Parts Rack Teamtech belts, Clear bra body and window treatment, an AIM MXL dash and smarty cam system. The system has a GPS for lap times and a playback feature that shows engine parameters on the Video playback screen.

This Viper has numerous other features we hope to share.

BIG thanks to Garry Grant for this build and we wish him the best at the track!! :clap:
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