Video: Shark Werks Exhaust for PSE equipped 2011 Carrera GTS and Targa 4S @ Stage II

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Hey guys,
We've had a few really neat cars over the last couple of weeks so I wanted to share a couple of the best DFI 3.8 cars we've seen. These upgrades work on all 3.6L and 3.8L 2009+ models, whether using a PDK or 6-speed, PSE or standard exhaust.

First was this 2011 Carrera GTS Cab in Aqua blue. It's a nice looking car in this color, and as you can see it's well optioned with PCCBs and interior upgrades.

Also it features the Porsche Sport Exhaust or PSE for short. The owner wanted a more aggressive sound, as even with the PSE the car's a bit tame. Luckily our 997.2 exhaust upgrade also works with the PSE, allowing the sport exhaust to be "turned up" with a deeper tone and even more power.

The PSE tips are removed:

In goes the Shark Werks center exhaust:

The stock center piece is set aside:

This system allows you to retain the factory PSE side mufflers and the exhaust Sport button still works, so you can quietly sneak around without waking the neighbors and when the Sport button is pressed, the car really comes to life now:

Video couldn't fully capture how great this sounded in person, I believe it sounds as good as any aftermarket exhaust I've heard on the 09+ cars.

And here she is ready for the trip home:

The dropped top:

Next was this '09 Targa, a rare car indeed, this one came in for the Shark Werks 997.2 Exhaust System for a sportier sound and EVOMSit Software tuning for more power and sharper throttle response. This Stage II package results in about 25 WHP over stock as measured on our 2009 Carrera S PDK on an independent dyno. One hidden benefit of the EVOMSit software is that we can also tune the idle speed to eliminate vibrations associated with the PDK transmission when using aftermarket exhausts.

On the lift she goes and off with the stock exhaust:

This one came from the east coast, so after a bit of wrestling the rusty stock bolts, our exhaust was fitted:

Through the Targa, you can just make out the EVOMSit software flash being performed:


Isn't she beautiful?

Nice lines:

That's all for now, but with all the variants and special editions available, who knows what next week will bring! It seems like we're seeing more and more of the DFI cars so the word has definitely spread: these are a good step forward in the 911 line and have a lot to offer. :clap:
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thanks for sharing, always love those targas.
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