Video: Red 2010 Boxster S DFI with Tubi Exhaust @ Shark Werks

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This local guards red 2010 DFI Boxster S came into us for a sound-improvement upgrade in the form of the Tubi Exhaust system to get things started. The exhaust is entirely bolt-on and requires no modification.

Up on the lift she goes...

The factory exhaust is then removed:

The factory unit vs the lighter-weight Tubi system:

The Tubi system is pieced together and the factory tips are re-installed:

And installed (factory-like fitment):

And ready to go home:

A quick video showing the Tubi exhaust:
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Sounds great! Are those the stock LED Lights? They look more like the 911 lights which are much brighter? I like!! Can I put those on my Spyder?
Didn't you guys use to have 2 different versions of the Tubi as well? Which one is this?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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