Video: Red 2010 Boxster S DFI with Tubi Exhaust @ Shark Werks

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This local guards red 2010 DFI Boxster S came into us for a sound-improvement upgrade in the form of the Tubi Exhaust system to get things started. The exhaust is entirely bolt-on and requires no modification.

Up on the lift she goes...

The factory exhaust is then removed:

The factory unit vs the lighter-weight Tubi system:

The Tubi system is pieced together and the factory tips are re-installed:

And installed (factory-like fitment):

And ready to go home:

A quick video showing the Tubi exhaust:
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Sounds great! Are those the stock LED Lights? They look more like the 911 lights which are much brighter? I like!! Can I put those on my Spyder?
Hi Mile, yes those are the stock LEDs. I think the front bumper cover would not allow this swap on the Spyder unfortunately.

Didn't you guys use to have 2 different versions of the Tubi as well? Which one is this?
There was a second version available initially from Tubi (featured 2 extra resonators and was priced a little higher), but I'm not sure if it's sold anymore. The sound is much better from this unit, although it's louder.

very nice!
niiiiiiiiiiiice sick sound
Sharkwerks....Always killing it! Nice job. :)
Thanks guys, very nice of you to say :)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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