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You only turn 100 years once.. if you're lucky. Aston Martin built a special design study to celebrate its centenary: the CC100 Speedster! In our eyes a piece of art! The car connects with the company's heritage and hints at where it's going in the future.

'Exceptional design is married with cutting-edge engineering. Using the latest iteration of Aston Martin's naturally aspirated V12 engine, the CC100 includes unique engine mountings to ensure the powerhouse sits low down in the chassis. This specially machined drive-train powers the CC100 from rest to 62 mph in a little over four seconds, while the top speed is limited to 180 mph!'

With a body and interior crafted from carbon fibre, tooled and provided by low volume specialists Multimatic, Aston Martin designers used this aerospace standard material to create a unique design features and to also ensure CC100 both light and lithe.

This thing really is a piece of art in our opinion.. what do you think? Let us know in a comment!

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