Video: LOUD 1990 964 -- straight piped!

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I shot this video for a friend today. He's got a sweet 1990 911 with straight pipes. He has two resonators, that is IT!
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It looks good but a bit too loud.

did he burn up his clutch during that launch?
He did launch the car a little harder than he intended to on the first run. We could smell a little clutch burn but it wasn't too bad. He bought the car to drive it hard, it's not a big deal.
still a very nice car, I like the 993 wheels.
Very cool. Very nice looking, too. Reminds me of myself. :d haha
Yeah, this car has been a great project for my buddy. He's JoeFondo on LamboPower and RennList.
The white turbo twists really look good. Love the car. Would LOVE the car if it were lowered a bit. Sounds great
I think he does plan to lower it and also add a few more white trim pieces to replace some of the remaining black stuff.
badass, even with the fake turbo spoiler ;). have pics of this car been on the 4 before?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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