Video in Ft Laud. anyone?

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Picked up a small HD handycam, shoots in 1080p, looking to shoot some footage of cars. Still fairly new to the area and don't really know anyone in the automotive world down here.

Quick edit walking around at Petit Le Mans a couple weeks ago(for some reason uploaded a bit choppy)
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another video I did the other night..

awesome man. coupple questions. first how do you get that effect around the video clip, like the black fade? and what handycam do you have? i have the Sony HDR-CX100
It's a super simple effect if you've got a mac ; ). I have the kodak touch or something like that.
You likely have the Kodak Zi8. Did you cut the movie in iMovie? Sometimes when you compress the files for vimeo/you tube it will make it choppy. Other thing I learned from experience is that when Vimeo processes the video's that are in HD, it sometimes screws things up. YouTube does not generally have that problem. Nice video though!

#1 Key witht he Zi8 is to have some kind of steadycam device. With one, your videos can be spot on.

#2 Tip - shoot in 720p at 60fps, not 1080p. 1080p records at under 30fps, so if you try to speed up / slow down the video in edit, it will make it all choppy. You wont have this problem at 60fps, and the difference between 1080p and 720p when you compress for Vimeo/YouTube is not really noticeable.

Good luck!
Thanks for the tips!
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