Video : crazy rider goes through traffic

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YouTube - Yamaha R1 - ?????????? ?????.

please delete if its already been posted.

but seriously that guy is nuts. It gets better around 4:30 ish.
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Well that's one way to beat rush hour...

some cajones at 920 am
tOO Crazy fOR me!!!
i was screaming like a girl when i watch that video. dang but i would love to feel the adrenalin riding with him.hahaha.
huh crazy splitting cars like that is no bueno!!
That was some serious splitting. I am almost speechless at what I just saw. He was banging 60-100 mph on those splits and to on coming traffic. Insanity... even if I ride like that it would never be for that prolonged. I ride with some idiots including myself but that was a whole different level. I bet Ghostrider would grab his sack while watching this video. WOW.
pimp! this guys my hero
that takes some serious skill and balls to do
what a dick! i guess it was his lucky day that he didnt die!! what did he prove? nothing!
what a dick! i guess it was his lucky day that he didnt die!! what did he prove? nothing!
yeah lucky day lol must have been his first time
This guy is insane....knitting at those speed...then to do it along with the reverse traffic flow. I would not expect him to keep that behavior up for much longer. He has bigger sack or a death wish...may be both than I.....but he has my respect
insane! i kept waiting for him to crash. I hope he doesn't do this all the time because eventually statistics will catch up with him.
Wow, that guy has some guts. My eyes were glued to the video the whole time, I'm like screaming at the video - "WATCH OUT FOR THAT CA-, nevermind."
i never realized that the double solid lines were actually a motorcycle lane! :lol:

i swear i heard him clip a car towards the end. what a poopyhead :(
"And in other news: A Russian man was killed earlier today when his bike..."

Guy's got balls. There were a couple times near the end I thought he wasnt going to make it..
balls and skills no doubt!

I worry for him because you can have all the skills in the world but all it takes is one mistake from you OR any of the other drivers you are around for something to happen. I hope he does not do this everyday.
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