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Muscle Cars Have a New King
by Luke Vandezande

It has brakes that belong on a European supercar, an engine shared with the previous generation Z06 Corvette and the same suspension components as the Aston Martin One-77. Chevrolet says this is the fastest Camaro ever to leave its laboratory and lap the Milford proving ground.

But that was only the beginning. The Z/28 was developed over a grueling battery of tests that saw it tried and tuned over some of the biggest, most challenging tracks in the world including Germany’s Nurburgring.

I’m willing to bet that the Z/28 Camaro is one of, if not the coolest car to hit the market in 2014. Allow me to explain…
Move Over, Fonz

It’s street legal, but Chevrolet made it clear when it first unveiled the car in New York that very few owners would want to make it a daily driver. Several factors contribute to that, not the least of which is a suspension with springs that are 85 percent stiffer in the front and 65 percent more stubborn in the rear.

Currently, the Camaro is built in Ontario, Canada. Conveniently, the dampers fitted in this car come from a company called MultiMatic also based in Ontario. The same dampers are used on the Aston Martin One-77, albeit with a different calibration. Maybe more remarkably, MultiMatic also supplies racing teams that run in F1 and Ferrari Challenge.

The engine uses cooling similar to the Corvette ZR1 while the transmission and differential manage their temperatures with technology borrowed from the Camaro ZL1. It doesn’t come cheap.
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