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Below is a video by Abt of its R8 GT-R with comments by CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt and Chief Developer Motorsport Albert Deuring.

The Abt R8 GT-R is a R8 5.2 FSI modified to produce a massive 620 hp with an extreme top speed of 202 mph. The car can do zero-to-62 mph in just 3.2 seconds can reach 124-mph mark in a mere 9.9 seconds. In order to ensure that the power can be optimally applied to the road and on the racetrack, a height-adjustable Abt sports suspension and adjustable dampers are standard. The ceramic brake system with modified brake pads has been adjusted to meet the enormous performance potential. Extremely light Abt CR alloys wheels round out the package. The Abt R8 GT-R is designed to be driven at the limit. Read more about the Audi Abt R8 GT R here.

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