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Check out the 2013 TechArt Magnum 'Edition Gold', based on the new 2013 Porsche Cayenne Turbo! With stunning gold and carbon fibre details, it is a true eye-catcher!

Activated via the series-standard sport button on the central console, the finely-tuned Techtronic engine management system together with the performance kit allows the overall power of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo's 4.8 l bi-turbo motor to be increased from 500 to 660 horsepower, the maximum torque from 700 to 880 Nm, and the maximum speed from the series-standard 278 to 305 km/h! Some impressive improvements!

What do you think of this TechArt Magnum 'Edition Gold'? Better than a standard 2013 Cayenne Turbo? Comment below!

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