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Cigar: Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo
Size: 6 x 50 (Toro)
Wrapper: Corojo Brazil
Binder: Corojo Dominican Republic
Filler: Corojo Nicaragua & Corojo Dominican Republic

Master Blender Jose Dominguez has done it again, with his Triple Corojo wrapper, binder, filler cigar. Rich, hearty flavors and a touch of spice makes this cigar not only flavorful, but a Smooth, satisfying smoke.

Pre-Smoke: The first thing I noticed about this stick is how much the cigar label with the VS logo and the purple/gold bands at the foot look like they came out of Victoria’s Secret instead of the my humidor. The cigar itself had a beautiful rosado brown toothy wrapper. It was slightly spongy to the touch with one soft spot near the foot. The wrapper revealed notes of oak, while the foot had similar notes of oak, the dominant scent was that of figs. I used a V-cut on the cigar since my hippotech idiot proof cutter seems to be missing in action. The pre-light draw offered strong notes of figs. The Victor Sinclair Triple Corojo utilizes only Dominican-based Corojo tobaccos grown only from Cuban seeds. No joke...every leaf in this cigar is Corojo. One might think this would lead to a one dimensional smoke built strictly on power. But, upon lighting, it’s easy to see just how good Jose Dominguez is at blending tobaccos. Look, I’m not saying Jose is the next Don Alejandro, but the guy’s got some talent, and his Corojo leaves are some of the tastiest and prettiest I’ve found yet.

The Smoke: I lit this cigar with great anticipation.You would think that a triple corojo cigar would be strong, but that was not the case here. While it was a medium to full bodied cigar it was a very flavorful cigar that had notes of oak, figs, and spices throughout the smoke. The finish has a subtle sweetness to it that was enjoyed well after the smoke was finished.

Overall: The smoke was one of the best I had this year and I am now in the process of trying to obtain more for my humidor. The Triple Corojo from Victor Sinclair is a reasonable, every day cigar that’s both tasty and satisfying. Give it a shot. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

For more info: [email protected]

I will start posting Cigar and Local Lounge reviews on my blogsite: THE FIX
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