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Hi everyone,

Watch this out! This a new amazing creation from he French automotive designer and prototypist Lazareth.
Based on the Wazuma R1, the unique prototype of the year is the Wazuma V8F. A combinaison between a trike and a quad, this Wazuma is powered by a V8 3.0 L Ferrari engine developing not less than 250hp and going up to 7500r/m in a insane roaring.

This engine incorporates the injection system of two sport bike engines and is electronically controlled by a Sybelle system. All the engine management can be modified and monitored with a computer.

The 6 speed sequential gearbox comes from a BMW M3 and is controlled from the handlebars.

And this is on sale at Jameslist for the tag price of 200 000 €: À vendre*: Lazareth Wazuma (200000 EUR), Annecy-le-Vieux, France - JamesList
Who wants to get a toy for big boy?




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