Underground Racing Twin Turbo LP 570.... correction... LP 1000

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Thought I would share some pictures of the first LP 570 to be Twin Turboed. This is the Stage 3 with 1000 WHP on pump gas and John Reed Motec boost by gear. The wheels are Carbon Fiber HRE's. Videos coming soon.

This LP 570 will be headed to Brett at Lamborghini Miami soon.

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Loving the "LP1000-4" badge, that's awesome!

@Symbolic Motors
Great looking car.

BTW, John Reed is a great dude. Nice choice on parts.
that badge is awesome lol
I love those naked ass shots. Car porn is real and I think I may be addicted...
thats a dream :)
Cant wait to see this beast on i95 rockin. Need to swing by Brett to see this beast when it get back into town. Sick work guys love the 1000-4
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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