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For those that don’t know the SB Race Engineering link with Armytrix, we are the UK exclusive distributor and supplier for the up and coming exhaust system of the 21st Century. Made from Titanium or Stainless Steel, these beautifully bespoke crafted exhaust system come with advanced valvetronic technology allowing the driver to control the volume of the exhaust system with a flick of a button.

Over the past few months the demand for these systems have been huge. We have fitted full Nissan GTR R35 systems, Audi R8 V8 and V10′s along with Lamborghini’s and more! Last week however we managed to get our hands on the first Ferrari to feature an Armytrix exhaust system in the UK. This wasn’t any Ferrari though. The owner is Yianni from Yiannimize Refined. Self-Styled Wrap King and celebrity car customiser. He features heavily on social media, television and across National Newspapers for helping Superstars such as One Direction kit out their cars.

Yianni owns a beautifully specced Ferrari 458 Spider. With many carbon fibre options and Interior extras, it was a pleasure to fit a titanium Armytrix system to his vehicle. Yianni wanted an enhanced exhaust system that added performance, whilst increasing the current stock exhaust system. He didn’t want it too loud, and was also aware of his neighbours and wanted to be discreet when possible. The Armytrix exhaust system tailored his every need with a quiet tone when needed, but once the valves open, he was able to let rip and enjoy a beautiful F1 V8 soundtrack from the 3 blue tip tailpipes.

Exhaust system fitted by SB Race Engineering
Armytrix UK inquiry:
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