There’s no denying Uber is, uh, uber convenient to get around the grid. The online transportation network company already offers cars, choppers, and boats for our traveling logistics. What could they come up with next? Uber is going luxurious with the announcement of UberYACHT. Not only will people be able to conquer large bodies of water, they can do it with class and a drink in hand.

The new division launches in Dubai on Saturday, making a luxury yacht getaway just a phone tap away. Rides come with drinks, food, DJs, and views, all for $82.

"At Uber we are constantly innovating our services. We want to be more than just a leading global technology app, we want to provide experiences at the push of a button," Chris Free, Uber's general manager in the United Arab Emirates, told CNN.

Uber had already branched from non-car transportation, adding UberBOAT in Istanbull, and UberCHOPPER in California’s Coachella valley.

"Following the success of UberCHOPPER in Dubai, we are thrilled to introduce UberYACHT to Dubai's waters with this exclusive party that residents can book just as they would an Uber car or chopper, with the same level of convenience, reliability and accessibility,” Free added.

Last summer, reports pronounced Uber the richest start-up company on the planet, at $51 billion. Their services across the globe provide three million rides a day on land, sea, and air.

So if you’re looking to impress your friends, or just want to pretend you’re a pretty wealthy person, remember to book your spot 48 hours in advance (it’ll fill up quick).