Twin Turbo "Civic Hybrid" (Pics/Vid)

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Went to the drag strip today and found a very interesting twin turbo civic hybrid cruising around the paddock..Sorry i dont have specs on the motor or anything, but i do have a video of how fast the car truely is.

this pic sucks, took me by suprised and i wasn't set up properly yet

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I think the "hybrid" sticker is a joke, they didn't make a stock hybrid in that year. Its like a prius with a ZR1 engine.
thats a 96-98 civic dx with 99-00 civic tail lights. with a V8 swap RWD tube chassis

The Hybrid emblem is there as a "joke"
UNCVLYZD…the license plate is spot on. Guess we can't call this one a "ricer"
i know its a joke, thats why i put in quotes...i think its genus
what tranny is it running? lenco cs2/3?
whats the quarter on this?
whats the quarter on this?
Power to weight ratio is through the roof, and being that it has wheelie bars and a shoot, I would imagine in the 8's or so. :)
better hope no birds are sucked in! That thing looks serious.
whats the quarter on this?
7.8X @ 175.XX
can't get the link to work properly so here:
YouTube - Twin turbo V8 Civic
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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