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Check out the teaser trailer for TURN9, a new series I'm producing. A full trailer is coming soon!

YouTube - TURN9dotcom's Channel

TURN9 is a groundbreaking new series in the style of the HBO comedy ENTOURAGE, but set in the perilous world of motorsports and racing.

Staring Randy Wayne of THE DUKES OF HAZZARD 2, Gib Gerard, Eric Etebari of 2FAST 2FURIOUS, Sarah Karges of NIP TUCK, Matt Farah of THE SMOKING TIRE and featuring a bitchin' cameo from Paul Walker of FAST AND FURIOUS!

Produced by:
Tim Whitcome

Directed by:
Greg Thanos

Director of Photography:
Justin Talley

The Cast:
Randy Wayne
Gib Gerard
Eric Etebari
Sarah Karges
Scott Maguire
Matt Farah
Alisha Nichols

Created by:
Tim Whitcome and Greg Thanos

If you would like to advertise, sponsor or otherwise be a part of the show, please email us at [email protected].

Let us now what you think!

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looks like this could be a good show. like others asked, what network? count me in!

...also if you need an extra, ill come down...just sayin ;)

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Turn 9

Yea, Randy was telling me about this show. And then Matt said he was playing himself basically, You guys filmed at Spring Mountain right?

I am a 19 yr old certified stunt/precision driver, and an actor. I would absolutely love to be on this show.

You can check my IMDB or my website. I will gladly audition.

Thank You.
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