Most hybrids are much too friendly to the environment and too pedestrian looking serve as a supervillian’s car, but this tuned BMW i8, built by Japan’s Energy Motor Sport, would look equally at home in The Joker’s garage as the custom kit car he drove in Suicide Squad.

The i8, which is referred to by Energy Motor Sport as the i8 ‘Dark Knight Edition’ pays homage to The Joker with a metallic purple exterior color, a decal showing a deck of cards and the font ‘HaHaHaHa’ placed subtly across the doors and rear bumper (just like the villain’s tattoos in Suicide Squad.)

Other mods made to the i8 include a full body kit, a unique rear wing, differ net mirror covers and 21-inch wheels. If customers want to really lay down some bank, they can have the kit in full carbon fiber. The fiberglas kit will run buyers just over 1 million yen, equivalent to about $9,500 USD, with the full carbon version costing 1.5 million yen, or $14,000 USD.

This wild i8 isn’t a cheap proposition, but can you really put a price on looking like you drove straight out of a comic book?

[Source: Carscoops ]