Tumblr blogs...anyone use?

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Anyone use Tumblr? I just signed's simple, easy to use and has a nice and clean interface. Thought I'd give it a shot..any way to get my work out there a bit more.

Post up your tumblr accounts if you have them.

Ferraris, Lamborghinis & Some Other Stuff
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I use it:

fire the canon
Love it, it looks pretty awesome!

I may have to look into this.
I made one a month ago.. havent yet gotten into it as much

Stimulated Visually
i'm an 18 year old girl, and have a tumblr dedicated completely to cars
check it out:
My roommate is Tumblr famous, its pretty crazy. I'll have to find out his name or whatever it is you use on Tumblr.
I made a tumblr the other day. You will probably like it if you like L4P.


My Life & The World

I just started. The reason why I am using this is to see if I really like blogging. So far I do and I might just persue it even more by making my own site soon.
Followed you man, really like your blog.
Khyber Files

Pretty awesome, not all my own photos but some
Friend used tumblr and was having stuff reblogged and creds changed.

Ill stick with Wordpress, but will look at ppl's work on tumblr.
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