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Say what you want about the Lexus LC500’s polarizing styling but there’s no denying that the car has created a bit of a buzz in the luxury market. Its radical looks are powered by a naturally aspirated V8 engine producing close to 500 HP good for a sub 5-second 0-60 time. What was needed though was that extra touch of custom for the buyers and that came in the form of HRE wheels. What customer do you think choose the best combo for him/herself?

PM us for details, availability, and pricing on HRE Wheels. Tell us what you think by commenting below!

Wheel Specs:
Red LC500 – Brushed Clear HRE P200’s
Black LC500 – Satin Black Center // Gloss Black Lips & Barrel HRE S204’s
Silver LC500 – Brushed Dark Clear HRE P201’s

22”x9“// 22”x11.5”

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