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Travel seems to be in my blood. My mother was an air stewardess for British Airways and my father was a merchant seaman. I even attended school at Hull's Trinity House for aspiring naval officers. Unfortunately my eyesight did not match my academic ability, and I was unable to get a navigation commission, it did not stop me from traveling the globe under my own steam. For the last ten years I have been writing travel guide books but I am now looking at less polluting methods of exploring the world. To this end I would like to share with you all my new work, 'Around the World in Eighty Documentaries: An Armchair Traveller's Guide to Eco Friendly Travel'
The kindle version and the paperback have just been released on Amazon, but I would like to offer a complimentary PDF copy to any luxurypay4play members who might be interested.
Please feel free to PM and I will send you a free PDF version right away.

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