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I am selling my Toyo R888's. they are in perfect condition. definately way less than 1000 miles on them , i think less than 500 miles probably. I drove them to and from boston while my gt3rs wheels were getting painted, and i THINK i drove them once to and from baltimore (although im not 100% certain).
235/35/19, 305/30/19

No patches, no track days, no uneven wear because they look brand new. I used them primarily for photo shoots because ive always been afraid of damaging the magnesium wheels theyre wrapped around..

the reason for sale is because i am going with a wider set up.

Price is $1000 firm and buyer pays shipping. Im in NYC, tires are on Long Island.

the wheels are at the shop, i'll have pics of the actual tires on thursday.
these are the only pics i have right now, if you zoom in you can see the tread.


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