Tourneau's sample sale

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Tourneau's sample sales are one of the best kept secrets to getting a luxury watch at an affordable price from a major retailer. If you are in New York City on September 11th, I highly recommend you go. Please note that the sale is not located at the Tourneau store. This exclusive event will be held at Soiffer Haskin at 317 West 33rd Street, in New York City. The event runs from September 11th - 16th, but you really (really) want to get there on the first day. Why? Because this is a limited quantity sale, and the best stuff goes quick - trust me.

What brands will be there? Very hard to say. Tourneau pulls unsold inventory from area stores, and each store can have different brands. You won't be disappointed with the selection, and the prices are 50-70% off - if not more. So check it out, then come back and brag about the deal you got.

Has anyone ever done this?
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Awesome! It would be interesting to see if its worth the trip for next year!
Great to know! Thanks for sharing! do you know if they do this in Dallas?

Wonder if they'd have any AP's 50% off!

Prob just wishful thinking!
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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