TopGear’s top 10 crappest supercars

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Was on facebook when this showed up on my news feed. Thought I would share it with you guys.

TopGears top 10 crappest supercars ever! - BBC Top Gear

Enjoy! :)
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hm, XJ220?

I thought that was an awesome car!
They consistently use the production changes as a stick to beat the XJ220 with but from all accounts it was still an amazing car.

And it still looks utterly gorgeous after all these years.
I respectively disagree with their choice of the XJ220.
I agree with the others but I love XJ220s. Even if they had a 3HP lawn mower motor they still look good. lol
The DeLorean was so cool to look at when they first hit the market. Then they started the car up and it sounded like a sewing machine. So close, but yet so far from a sportscar.
I definitely agree with some of the cars haha...
I understand why the DMC12 & XJ220 made the list. But the 220 was still a hell of a car and the DMC12 still looks so cool, even though a Yaris could out run it.

crap list....come on DMC, 220, lambo.....

F that
Dumb list.

Vector M12 yes, but the picture is a Avtech wx3.:confused:
XJ-220 w.t.f.!!!!!
"the 230bhp Orochi resembles an aroused bottom feeder trying to suppress wind."

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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