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With 27 days left before the doors open on the only live supercar show in the world, Lawrie Lewis, Chairman and mastermind behind Top Marques Monaco spoke to the media at the press conference on 16th March 2011. Held in the test drive pits of the Grimaldi Forum he publicized news for the show's 8th edition to be held 14-17th April 2011.

"I'm delighted to announce an unprecedented number of world premiere launches this year at Top Marques Monaco - six supercars from around the world. In addition, we will have two new dedicated areas for the show: superboats in Port Fontvieille and haute horlogerie in the Salon Guelfe at the Grimaldi Forum."

Top Marques Monaco is unrivalled for its unique experience; it's non-conforming, pioneering and breathtaking. Visitors can touch and feel the pure power and precision of the supercars and customized luxury cars with a test drive on the iconic Monaco Formula 1 circuit. The extraordinary awaits discerning guests who seek a showcase of cherry-picked extreme machines, limited series watches, rare jewels and bespoke luxury artistry, all bonded by visionary craftsmanship.

Now for the first time, we launch Top Marques Superboats' day boats and tenders. They will dock on the esplanade of the Grimaldi Forum as well as in Port Fontvieille for exclusive sea trials extending our winning concept: See it! Drive it! Buy it! With Roger Dubuis as Official Watchmaker and Partner for Top Marques Superboats, the premiere edition will include stunning motor yachts by Azimut-Benetti; a super tender - 'The Windy SR 52h', a joint force accomplishment by Windy Boats and world-renowned yacht designer Ed Dubois and a world premiere of Cranchi's 'Black Magic'. Top Marques Superboats becomes Monaco's only show dedicated exclusively to this category of water vessel and we gratefully acknowledge the Ports of Monaco for their support to us as we launch this new feature to the show.

Those with high and discerning standards for luxury living will appreciate that Top Marques Monaco, in all its facades, is about being witness to excellence. It is about the adrenalin rush of being first to grip the wheel for a test drive of the industry's latest, pioneering innovations. It's about being first to discover and own a limited edition timepiece created by a master watchmaker or a stunning, made-to-measure piece by the finest jewelry houses. It's about being face to face with the trail-blazing, car manufacturers who experiment and pioneer by pushing limits. It's about becoming one of the select and privileged few to own a state-of-the-art automobile, fresh off the engineer's drawing board. It's also about a well-deserved, exquisite extravagance that is unique to you or the recipient of your gift.

Top Marques Monaco will open at 9.30am on 14th April 2011. Esteemed Mayor of Monaco, Mr Georges Marsan, will cut the red ribbon. Later that evening the doors will close to the public and reopen at 6pm for the arrival of VVIP guests and celebrities for a private, intimate viewing of the show followed by a champagne cocktail.

We are honoured to have the Hurun Report as our exclusive Chinese media partner and publisher of 'The Richest People in China'. We are delighted that this year’s event enjoys the support of our Platinum Partner, Citi Private Bank and our Gold Partners, American Express, and Groupe Marzocco. We are proud that the latter will present to the world at Top Marques Monaco the Tour Odéon, the largest real estate project currently under construction in the principality of Monaco.

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The Fisker Karma is the first luxury 4 doors coupe with Ever-TM- technology (Electric Vehicle extended range) which delivers more than 400 HP. The electric energy comes for the first 80 km from a Lithium-Ion battery; after that, the range extender - a front/mid-mounted gasoline engine/generator set - provides another 400 km of range by supplying supplemental power to dual rear-mounted electric motors, for a total range of 480 km.
Fisker Automotive


During TMM 2011, SpadaVettureSport will present the new Codatronca Monza, a new model much faster and lighter that is dedicated to the purism of driving on the track.
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Anadi embodies passion and sensuality - a true luxury sports car. A Thoroughbred from Italy.

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Rare appearance by McLaren MP4-12C
Monaco Luxury Group - distributor of McLaren Automotive for the south of France and Monaco - will exhibit the MP4-12C at Top Marques Monaco 2011.
Proud of its accomplishments, recently announced in the press, this supercar show is the perfect occasion to finally unveil this premium car to a wider audience than in previous launches in Paris and Monaco.

Présence exceptionnelle de la McLaren MP4-12C
Monaco Luxury Group - distributeur de McLaren Automotive pour le Grand Sud de la France et Monaco - présentera la MP4-12C lors du salon Top Marques 2011 à Monaco pendant une durée exceptionnelle de 4 jours.
Fier des performances officielles récemment annoncées dans la presse, ce salon sera enfin l'occasion de dévoiler cette voiture à un public plus large que lors des précédents lancements à Paris et Monaco.
Monaco Luxury Group


The Noble M600 is hand built in England, carbon bodied, rare and exclusive; it does not compete or align itself with any other supercar. 650bhp super light and delivering a power to weight ratio of 542bhp per tonne...that's only half the story, the rest is the stuff of legend.
Noble Automotive | Welcome to Noble

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The M55 Beast is the most sophisticated e-bike the world has ever seen. The power-fusion of human and machine.
M55 - Home of electric bikes


Yacht tender center/Luxury water toys

JetLev-Flyer a vison becomes reality. Freedom, exhilaration, adventure: The dream of personal flight is as old as mankind. It sounded like a crazy idea but we finally produced an incredible and revolutionary personal flying machine. The JetLev-Flyer is assembled and built in Germany by our engineers and experts using almost exclusively German made parts. Stop Dreaming , Start Flying with JetLev-Flyer.
Demonstrations will take place in the new parking by the capitainerie port of Golfe-Juan on 18th March at 14h00 and also at 14h00 on 19th March 2011.
For more details contact Flavien Neyertz Tel: 06 18 93 07 57.
EAMS - Yacht Tender Center

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There will be L4P members there. I am hoping we will see coverage.

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There will be L4P members there. I am hoping we will see coverage.
You forget to mention DARTZ L4P LADIES.ONLY :laugh::laugh::laugh:
Just google it - seems all world know about :laugh::laugh::laugh:

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Is the show open for the public? any info on that?
I have a birthday on april the 17th.... Might "jump" from Israel for a couple of days...

here, on the official site:

Top Marques Monaco 2011
The show dates and times are as follows:
Thursday 14th April, 2011 9.30 - 17.30 Entrance €50
Friday 15th April 2011 9.30 - 19.30 Entrance €50
Saturday 16th April 2011 10.00 - 19.30 Entrance €50
Sunday 17th April 2011 10.00 - 19.30 Entrance €50

The entry fee of Eur 50 will include a copy of the official catalogue. Entry fee for children under 4 -12 is Eur 25, babies 3 and under are free. For security reasons prams are not allowed on the busy weekend days of the show..


To order online please click here.

For more information on Top Marques Monaco 2011, kindly contact

Top Marques Monaco
Tel: +377 97 70 12 77
Fax: +377 93 50 61 81
email [email protected]
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