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What did you guys think of the first episode ?
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I don't have the link watched it at my cousins house
Should have headed over to his cousins house :lol:

I'm watching it right now.
can't find a steam on google either =(
its on right now here
Watching now.....feels like book on tape!!!
plan V......v10
these guys do not look like car guys at all, only cool person on there is tanner foust and the stig.
yeah the cast doesnt seem to have a personality like the old one but i like it.
Im mainly watching just for the cars cant judge by the first episode
Got mine set for 10:00. I was semi-pissed I forgot to watch the premiere until I saw it's back2back
I'm watching right now. The LP670-4 SV featured is the EXACT same car I did a mini-shoot with in Atlanta. Car No. 169 of 350. Check it out!
Mini Shoot: LP670-4 SV and LP570-4 Superleggera - a set on Flickr
On in 5 here. Cant wait, I just hope it's as good as the original. Please please please!
Not feeling it at all. Tanner is ok, but Rutledge is annoying and the other guy doesn't fit in at all. The "humor" seems forced. No chemistry at all.
I liked it a lot actually, it definitely had a pilot feel to it though and they have kinks to work out.
1 - 20 of 216 Posts
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