Tis’ the Season to empty your wallets and drain your bank accounts, especially if you have a billionaire on your shopping list. We know the question is on your mind: What do I get for my rich uncle who only travels via personal jet, or for my aunt who only wears fur coats made from the world’s most endangered species? Unfortunately, a handmade card, whacky tie and scented candle just won’t do. But fear not — we’ve come up with a list of the Top 5 Ridiculously Expensive Gifts for the Hard-to-Please Billionaire, guaranteed to deliver Christmas cheer.

24K Gold Racing Bike  
“Goodbye private jet, hello bicycle!” – said no billionaire ever. That’s until they got their hands on this bad boy. Every inch of this glamorous bike is embellished in a layer of 24k gold. At a whopping US$376,792, make sure you throw in a decent bike lock.

Yacouba Feline One

If the billionaire on your list isn’t into cycling, then this motorbike will spark their interest. Designed like a street-fighting panther, this bike is the perfect remedy to a billionaire’s midlife crisis. Priced at US$280,000, it goes on sale in 2016. For now, you can just stuff your billionaire’s stocking with an IOU photo of this beautiful beast.

Hock Design 18K Dumbbells  
If the billionaire on your list likes to hit the gym, then these are the perfect stocking stuffers. At US$125,000 each, the hand-made Hock Design dumbbells feature 2,000 g of 18k gold — the perfect motivation to squat and press.


World View Exploration at the Edge of Space

Since a trip to the Caribbean is as normal for a billionaire as a trip to the bathroom, why not take them somewhere they’ve never been? For US$90,000 you can give your billionaire a gorgeous tour of the biosphere in a space capsule, equipped with a fully stocked bar and lavatory.

Ley.925 Tequila Pasion Azteca Ultra Premium

A tequila shot a day keeps the doctor away, right? An essential for any billionaire, this US$3.5 million bottle of tequila is the most expensive in the world. With a hand-crafted white gold bottle covered in diamonds, this liquid courage adds class to the ol’ party phrase: “Shots! Shots! Shots!”