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CALL TODAY to schedule your tint and detail package before winter gets the better of your car!
Typical package pricing starts at $679.99 which includes...

*2 or 4 door tint job w/ LIFETIME warranty using Johnson Window Film (your choice of shade)

*FULL Paint Correction (package III detail)
- Which entails the following:

* Full vehicle prep (can take up to 3 hours alone, depending on condition of the car)

o Degreasing with paint safe citrus degreaser to remove previous protection(wax, sealant, glaze) and expose any covered up defects (product used P21S Total Auto Wash )

o Hand wash using Chemical Guys Citrus Wash using 2 bucket method with grit guards

o Dried with water and microfiber waffle weave towels (NO WATER BLADES or squeegees are used, which WILL scratch your paint)

* Full vehicle clayed to remove surface contamination not visible to naked eye but you can definitely feel it if you run your hand on paint after wash. After this paint will feel like glass

* Paint thickness measured with paint thickness gauge.

o This is necessary to ensure polishing can be performed safely without compromising paint on the car, this can reveal if car was repainted or body work performed that dealer might not told you about)

* 2-3 Polishing stages

o All plastic and rubber trim is taped off before polishing to avoid getting polish on trim

o This will remove 95% of paint defects (scratches, holograms and swirls. This might not remove all scratches if they are too deep to remove using polishes alone) (products used for this step vary on type of paint hardness and condition of the paint, Menzerna, Meguiar’s product is usually used for this step)

o To remove deeper scratches will require wetsanding if paint thickness allows it. This included in package 4

* Paint cleansed to remove polishing oils to promote better adhesion and Longevity of sealant and/or wax (without this step, sealant or wax will not adhere to paint and will not last nearly as long (product used: P21S Paintwork Cleanser )

* Sealant (also referred to as superwax, it is polymer based product that lasts a lot longer then usual car wax, protecting car from outside element) (products used for this step Chemical Guys Jetseal 109 or Blackfire Wet Diamond (this sealant requires 24 hour cure time before wax can be applied)

* Hand wax (mostly used to enhance look of the paint and add extra protection) (products used vary, anything from Meguiar’s wax to Zymol Royale , price will vary depending on wax used)

* Windows cleaned inside/out with ammonia free cleaner which will not harm window tint

* Windows treated with Rain-x or similar product

* Wheels cleaned and sealed (wheel sealant is similar to wax for paint, it helps repel brake dust so its easier to clean.

* All exterior trim treated (plastic, chrome, rain guards polished)

* Tires degreased during wash and dressed after final rinse (dressing used is natural look with little gloss, will not sling off

o Products used for this: Blackfire Long Lasting Tire Gel, Poorboy's World Bold 'n Bright, Optimum Opti-Bond Tire Gel and couple others.

***Prices vary based on size and condition of vehicle. Please contact us for an exact quote.

Oakes Detail
328 Maple Ave
Horsham, PA



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Awesome Nick!

I'll have to see you guys soon once I finish up my car. It's going to be torn apart all winter.

Shoot me a pm for just tinting, my old tint from somewhere else is getting kind of crappy.
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