Time to stock up on Microfiber Towels at Detailer's Domain

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Hey all SAVE UP TO 55% off of Uber Microfiber Towels!

You guys asked so we deliver once again.
We have a few pallets of product coming in just for this, how long we will do this for not sure but if it does well we will continue to offer out a bulk price on Microfiber.

So stock up now!

Uber Glass Microfiber Towels in a 10 Pack
Uber No Name Microfiber Towels in a 25 Pack
Uber All Purpose Towels in a 50 Pack
Uber Classic Microfiber Towels in a 50 Pack

Not looking at bulk well you can still save take a look!

Start Promotion: Now
End: Oct 15, 2010

Don't forget our shipping is still $8.88 on orders under $149.95, anything over $150 will receive FREE SHIPPING!
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Just ordered some of these...

Thanks Phil !!!!
awesome thanks!
I'm suppose to be saving for my honeymoon and you've got my stocking up on MFs...thanks Phil!
you guys know when its just too good lol
Shiiiiit I have a feeling this is going to get expensive for me fasssst :)
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