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TiKORE Tuesday, where a local 997.1 turbo Porsche customer showed up for his install of a matte titanium 2-piece Porsche TiKORE titanium lug bolt set.

The customer had an immaculate Porsche sporting a set of HRE wheels, however that were bolted on by a set of corroded OEM lugs that physically were seized to the wheels...and had to be replaced.


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TiKORE machines in house out of an aerospace certified grade 5 6AL-4V titanium. Certified means each batch of material is tested to ensure the mechanical properties are correct. Each lug is manufactured individually to strict tolerances and all threads are rolled not cut for superior strength and wear-resistance.

Now for the install photos.

...and we had to take some with the TiKORE 997.1 turbo shop car :)

Instagram: @tikore

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