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TiKORE has been producing high quality automotive products for the last 6 years. We would like to introduce TiKORE's Precision Series car care products! Stop buying down watered down mass market junk and please stop allowing someone else to touch your ride.

... isn't it time for you to "Get Back in Touch With Your Car"

* Used by professional detailers globally.

TIKORE Wheel Wax (Precision Series) – Green/Spearmint - TiKORE INDUSTRIES

Key Benefits

•Safe for all wheel finishes
•You do not need to be a Professional to apply (and it smells great)
•Cleans, polishes, shines & protects
•Creates a protective barricade against the always frustrating brake dust
TIKORE Wheel Wax is formulated to safely and effortlessly clean, polish, shine, and protect all types of wheels and wheel finishes. TIKORE Wheel Wax delivers a high-gloss shine on all chrome, aluminum, stainless, and powder-coated wheels, while reducing friction and delivering a brake dust repellent. If you have not been using TIKORE’s Precision Series cleaners then you have been harming your wheels. It is time you restore your wheels to “new”, get you some today.

TiKORE Wheel Cleaner

TIKORE Wheel Cleaner (Precision Series) – Purple/Grape - TiKORE INDUSTRIES

Key Benefits

•Safe for all wheels
•Easily and safely lifts brake dust, dirt and contamination
•No need for rubbing and scrubbing that can scratch and damage surfaces
•Efficiently loosens and lifts contaminants
•100% pH balanced and neutral
TIKORE’s Wheel & Rim Cleaner is created from a Gel and then diluted with premium filtered water. Why does this matter? Because now you don’t need to scrub hard to remove brake dust and dirt, which can scratch and damage surfaces.
This product is safe to use on any and all OEM, after market wheels, painted and powder coated wheels, chrome, carbon fiber lips, decal wrapped wheels and lips and virtually all painted surfaces. What do you expect from a water based solution fit for the Gods?

TIKORE Car Wash (Precision Series) – Blue/Juicy Fruit - TiKORE INDUSTRIES

Key Benefits

•Professional series all-purpose cleanser
•Cuts through heavy dirt
•Superior foaming
•Safe for wax and sealant
•Rinses clean with no residue
•Formulated to reduce streaking and water spots

TIKORE’s Professional Series Car Shampoo is a superior cleaning shampoo that delivers quality results for your vehicle car care needs. The always foaming formula pulls dirt and debris from your vehicle, eliminating not only dirt but providing a beautiful shine. TIKORE loves foam and that is just what you will get with our Professional shampoo; 1 ounce of shampoo in 4-5 gallons of water will produce all that you need for your car to look at its best.

TIKORE Quick Wash (Precision Series) – Yellow/Bubble Gum - TiKORE INDUSTRIES

Key Benefits

•Washes, waxes and protects with just a spray of the bottle (no water needed)
•Can be used on paint, wheels, windows and more
•Scratch-free due to high quality lubricating ingredients
•Swirl-free for that professional car show look
•Maintains clear coat and single stage paintwork.
•Works great on matte and satin surfaces.
•Works on any area of a vehicle including glass, wheels, plastics, engine bays, undercarriage, and even metal surfaces

TIKORE’s Quick Detailer cleans, shines, and protects your vehicle. The injected carnauba wax lifts dirt away from your vehicles surface allowing for a worry free swipe with a Microfiber towel; thus, safely removing dirt from any exterior surface. Further our formula will allow your car to resist dirt and dust, so you don’t need to keep spraying while at that car show you have been waiting for all week.
Oh wait, and did we mention the chemicals are safe on the environment as well? No? Well they are, so you are welcome.

TIKORE Tire Shine (Precision Series) – White/Coconut - TiKORE INDUSTRIES

Key Benefits

•Provides a long lasting shine to your exterior rubber, vinyl, black plastics, and tires.
•Works to protect your interior dashboard and leather.
•Reconditions the original color of surfaces while minimizing fading.
•Dry to the touch (non-greasy), unless your fingers are wet.
•UV Protection.

TIKORE’s Tire & More Shine is a quick drying interior and exterior shining and cleaning product. The Shine is formulated to continually protect even after numerous washes and various weather conditions. TIKORE Shine penetrates deep into vinyl, rubber, tires, black plastic bumpers, mirrors, trims and bumper guards, door moldings and more delivering a deep, long-lasting dark finish.​

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