The very first product Donald Trump ever lent his name to was not only never produced, it was also a Cadillac. 
Announced in 1988 the Trump Golden Series and Trump Executive Series were supposed to be “the most opulent stretch limousine made”- complete with Italian leather, wool carpeting, rosewood-paneling, a VCR (with TV no doubt), two cell phones and most importantly a push-button liquor dispenser.

Only problem, they built one, maybe two of them.
Automotive News  points out that John Grettenberger, of former Cadillac general manager fame, noted in his book Ready, Set, Go! My Life at General Motors, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Opel, and Isuzu that Donald offered to buy 50 limos if Cadillac worked with him getting them built:

“He would input to the interior styling of the vehicle and allow Cadillac to use his name in promotional activity. By doing so he intended to purchase 50 of them for his personal use," he said. "He was looking for means to transport high rollers from New York City to his hotel and casinos in Atlantic City and return.”
Grettenberger and The Donald then agreed to a fifty limo production run, starting with two prototypes.

“The two prototypes were built but when it came down to approving the transaction and placing a purchase order for the fifty limos, nothing happened!” Grettenberger wrote. “Donald gave all sorts of reasons for a delay, purchased one for “his father,’ but no order for the remaining forty-nine. I’m not even sure what happened to the second prototype. … So much for the Trump limousine!”

The lone Cadillac Trump Limo currently  lives in Europe in the hands of a collector .