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Back in 2011, a relatively unknown aspiring automotive photographer named Pepper Yandell had just moved to Dallas from OK. Somehow we synced up, and this was the very first car he shot for us…a 2007 Vantage V8 we did one evening in Downtown Dallas. I haven’t looked at these photos in probably close to 10 years but I have to say, the setup with the 21″ Modulare M24 in brushed on a silver car still looks timeless. I certainly wish that we still owned this car today, being that it was a super low mileage unit equipped with the rare manual transmission, but as everyone knows…hindsight is 20/20.

Enjoy the pics!!

PS…The building under construction in the last photo is the infamous Museum Tower in Dallas, which was finally completed in 2013 after a ton of issues and delays…I remember the construction guys had a sh*tfit when we blocked trucks at the construction site entrance.



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