This Yacht Has Its Own Built-In Aquarium

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Whether you’re sailing the cold arctic seas or anchored at a port, you can always have a dip in this yacht’s swimming pool and swim with the fishes.

You may have to wait a while until this 90-meter yacht becomes a reality, however, as it is still in its infancy. Earlier this year, Gill Schmid Design revealed his plans for this stunning explorer, which not only looks beautiful, but can also go the distance. In fact, the Taboo has been specifically designed to cruise among polar ice caps as well as remote tropical waters, making it a wonderful investment for someone who truly wants to explore the waters.

Inside the yacht is a full-size swimming pool with loads of lounging areas surrounded by glass panels for a gorgeous view of the outdoor world while you’re cruising around. The Taboo also features two jacuzzis,  a gym as well as a spa area.

The tender garages below has plenty of space to stow all your tenders and the helicopter pad at the top easily allows arriving by air as well.

Should the yacht go into production as planned, it will feature 24 cabins for crew as well as 12 guest statements and one owner’s suite, the latter which will feature their own private deck and a private lounge and office space.

But according to Veronika Schmid, co-owner of the company, her favourite aspect would have to  be the full-height pool and aquariums- and we’re inclined to agree!

While prices or availability are not out just yet, clients and brokers are invited to contact the Gill Schmid Design company should they have any inquiries.

[ Source: RobbReport ]

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