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This week was pretty fun in terms of all the different flavors/species of Porsche @ the SharkWerks aquarium... We had GT3, 997S, Turbo and Panamera projects all on the go and a lot of different flavors from HRE, EVOMS,TechArt, Tubi, Cargraphic and so on...

Here's an existing silver 2007 EVT700 997TT project being taken apart for the EVOMS 775 upgrade.

Notice all of the neat suspension upgrades?:)

A pile of her clothes...

On goes the new EVOMS Pulley, coil packs and a Tubi Exhaust. We'll show you the dual switching ECU modes later:

Meanwhile in comes an 08 997GT3 for the SharkWerks Exhaust...

Off with the bumper:

On goes our exhaust:

And of course our larger raw tips:

And then a silver 997S comes in for a Tubi Exhaust, Plenum & EVOMS V-Flow intake...

The belly in stock form...

Tubi Exhaust installed. Very civil for daily driving and yet once you pounce on that throttle she'll bark back at ya!

In goes the intake and plenum:

The EVOMS intake still dishes out one of the best NA engine sounds above 4.5Krpms...

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Another previous EVT700 project came in for a few updates including the EVOMSit TCU upgrade and a set of HRE P40 wheels. To get to the transmission computer itself you need to remove some of the interior panels (not super easy):

The bottom AMD chip is the new one that burned with the EVOMSit software and installed. Men at work with some soldering skills...

Some of the tools:

With the HRE's mounted out we goe for a test drive in this beast, now equipped with 19 inch satin black HRE P40 wheels...

Meanwhile we also had a visit from a local atlas gray 997TT which came in for our Stage II powerkit, including a Cargraphic Exhaust, EVO Dual tips, EVOMSit software and the EVOMS BRV kit. There's James finishing the Cargraphic exhaust installation:

Stock looking and somewhat of a sleeper. Atlas gray isn't very common and looks a lot better in person:

Dual tips:

And then in came this cobalt blue 07 997S for the EVOMSit software, a Cargraphic exhaust, with Techart tips and most importantly our single mass lightweight flywheel conversion!

On-board with TechArt 19 inch Formula GTS wheels:

Cargraphic exhaust installed:

Out comes the transmission and that heavy dual mass flywheel. The slave cylinder was bad on this girl too so we replaced it:

More blue but this time it's Aqua blue and a 997TT with the EVOMSit software, a Tubi Exhaust and more..

Here's James also installing a B&M short shifter kit:

Finally we have the Whale Shark... a Panamera S that we outfitted with the TechArt Type 1 Aerokit, including the front, side skirts and rear diffuser:

Rear diffuser up-close:

The Stage II Blue Turbo and 700HP black Tip are both ready to go home for the weekend. Have a great weekend you folks and drive safe. This edition of SharkWeek was brought to you by James [email protected]!

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