If you and your best buds are always on the lookout for the baddest watch out there, you might want to take a look at this project which uses parts from old cars to make timeless timepieces.

The company making these watches, REC, is based out of Denmark and not too long ago they released a line of watches made from scrapped Ford Mustang parts. This time around, they’ve upped their game and decided to make a few out of salvaged Porsche 901 parts and the result is pure sex.

The automatic timepiece features crystal glass with three layers of anti-reflective coating, has three hands and shows the day, date, month as well as the power reserve.

It also boasts a transparent caseback, while the straps are made of double calf leather with a protective inner lining.

Rugged in all the right places, the automatic watch is still a Kickstarter project but if you're interested in pre-ordering it's expected to retail for approximately $1,790.