RM Sotheby’s the place to go if you’re into rare cars – old, new, expensive, or unusual. They’re changing it up a bit with this auction, though they’ll be working with a familiar name.

They’ve revealed images of an uber-rare 1990 Riva Ferrari 32 speedboat they’ll be putting up for auction. It’s one of the rarest speedboats every produced – only 30 models every built.

The luxury speedboat is inspired by Ferrari’s trademark Rosso corsa coloration, and has a badass Formula-1 style hull. Like you’d expect from a machine with the Ferrari logo, the boat has some envious power. It’s outfitted with two 390hp V8 Vulcano 400 engines, allowing the boat to hit a top speed of 62mph.

And staying true to their sports car roots, the boat’s controlled thorough an automotive-styled steering mechanism.