Dubai has outdone itself this time. With hotels that feature panoramic views of the city and underwater views of the ocean, we all thought that this luxurious hotel industry couldn’t get any more awesome (and ridiculous). Well, we thought wrong.

In a couple years, The Rosemont Hotel & Residence Dubai will be equipped with its very own rainforest. The hotel will operate under Hilton’s Curio brand, costing approximately $550 million. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, in the middle of a highway, the dual-tower development will be 53 storeys high, with a rainforest built into the structure.
The property will feature 75,000 square feet of manmade outdoor rainforest, along with a pool and beach. Guests will feel like they’re in the Amazon, without the poisonous frogs and gigantic mosquitoes. Even the air will be misty. To add some sci-fi awesomeness to the project, engineers will build robotic luggage handlers. Start saving for a night’s stay, and in the meantime, marvel at the beauty: