Escaping from your crazy, work-filled life is sometimes easier said than done. While some want nothing more than to drink margaritas by the poolside with music blasting from the speakers, others crave something simpler. Something raw and minimalist. If serenity and simplicity is what you desire, then look no further than Casa Tiny, where you’re surrounded by nature and its ever-calming sounds.

Thanks to AirBnb, this home in the middle of Puerto Escondido, Mexico can be your home away from home until you get your mind back in shape.

Made to accommodate two, there isn’t much about the home that is inviting or warm.  But perhaps it is the absence of everything you’re used to at home which makes it so relaxing and carefree.

The only furniture you’ll find in the bedroom is a mattress, two light bulbs from the wall, a pair of fans and wooden shutters. The bathroom has the bare minimum of a sink, toilet, and a concrete shower where the shutters can be open to bathe al-fresco.

Descending a set of stairs to the main floor, guests can marvel in the combined kitchen and living area. The concrete slat extends from the sink to oudoors, inviting guests to dine outdoors whenever possible.

Outdoors you’ll find a hammock or a chair to lounge in and even a pool to swim some relaxing laps in.

True to its name, Casa Tiny certainly is a small home but one thing’s for sure: you’ll rest, relax and revitalize within these four walls so you can get back to your normal life with new-found strength and vigor.

[Source: BlessThisStuff ]