We know how awesome and classy Bentley’s car designs are. But what’s the British automaker’s golf game like?

Moving from lanes to links, the car company is creating top-of-the-line, expensive golf clubs because, well, they’re Bentley. The Bentley clubs are one-piece forged irons that cost more than a one-piece of silver – a set of eight comes with a price tag of $3,500. Adding the driver ($750) and the flat stick ($500) makes a complete set of 10 for $5,000.

But wait, there’s more! Like Bentley cars, there’s tons of room for customization, and again like the vehicles, that’s where it’ll cost you. It ranges from different grips – how does alligator skin sound? – to $800 ball markers.

If you’re looking for the ultimate set of clubs though, Bentley also offers custom shafts from Seven Dreamers, a company based in Japan that specializes in high-end materials for golf shafts. The highest end shafts, made from the stuff satellites are made of (no, really), pushes the price tag to a lofty $120,000.