Mega yachts today are more or less floating luxury hotels that simply try to mimic the world’s best establishments.

This mega hybrid yacht concept  by Hareide Design takes a new approach to yacht design, focusing efforts on the ships exterior. The designers wanted to create a luxurious platform where the beauty of nature is appreciated the way it was intended to be: freely outside.
Among the amenities and features surrounding the ship’s shell is an elevated dining and viewing area, a tranquil garden surrounding a 20m pool, and a seamless transition to the water from the stern side. The ship is based on vintage 108 m mono hull design, blending elegance with modern Scandinavian design.
300 square meters of high efficiency solar panels powers the vessel with sustainable energy, suitable for quiet cruises along the shoreline. For more robust waters and exploration, the mega yacht shifts to diesel-electric propulsion.
And if that somehow doesn’t get visitors to their destination, the helipad will certainly come in handy.