Cruising the tides in your fancy new yacht is a gorgeous sight to behold. Alas, when you kill the engine to soak up some rays, you may be wishing you had some more deck room in order to accommodate all of your friends without stepping on each other’s toes.

In comes the Evo 43 to the rescue! This sleek boat has been called “Darth Vader” so many times that naval engineer Valerio Rivellini, who designed the yacht himself, has also taken to the name. But its beauty is not only hull-deep…in fact, this badass yacht holds a delightful secret. 
That’s right, this stealthy black yacht is a sexy shapeshifter. It is able to expand its deck size by 40 percent (90 centimetres on each side) to a total of 25 square meters.
The boat’s stern transforms into a wide platform featuring built-in sun loungers and steps that swings down into the water so swimmers don’t have to climb into the yacht once they’ve had enough of the water.
The interior can be completely customized to suit the owner’s needs, but you can expect space for a double cabin (enough to sleep 4 people), bathroom and a seating/dining area as beautiful as the exterior.
The Evo 43 was built in Naples, Italy and starts at $600,000.

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